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  • I've seen data very similar to this on my first Arduino project. In that case using the Arduino as a detector was quite noisy...BECAUSE...there was a lot of stray AC noise coming in on the line voltage. This data looks very much like that. I am capable of writing an algorithm...but long before one does that please post the control data to demonstrate that you are not measuring line noise i.e. gently rotate the bag by hand for several minutes and post that data set. is noisy...then the solution is to add a capacitive gate either/and/or to the input/output of the sensor and/or to the Arduino. The other control is to hit something else, that is not the bag, for instance the frame that holds everything, and see what that signal looks like. I don't think your algorithm is particularly good or bad, I think you need to run some controls to figure out what is being measured...instead of assuming that the measurements are measuring X, as opposed to X + Q + W.

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