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  • I learned that Sparkfun tied the bootloader pin to ground. This means that the board will always go into bootloader mode. So if you have any bootloader (or none) other than the one they provide, the chip is useless. In order to fix the problem, I cut the copper pour between the HWB pin and GND. I then put a jumper in between HWB and GND so that I can choose whether I want the chip to go into bootloader or not.

    I was bummed to find that out with the board. Once I fixed it, I was able to download whatever bootloader/program code I wanted. I could use FLIP to download LUFA code and verify that it runs.

  • In the next revision of this board, could you please put a jumper at PE/HWB? The current design requires the user to use the CDC Bootloader with the 7-second programming time. Unfortunately, it prevents users from using other (DFU) Bootloaders. If you put a jumper or switch onto PE/HWB, that will provide users to install any bootloader they want and use any atmel programming tools.

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