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Dr. V

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Country: United States

  • All,
    I may be an Aero geek, but I know very little about electronics. My husband, on the other hand, is an open-source follower and loves electronics/tinkering with everything related to circuit boards, etc. (he builds space-qualified hardware at CU).
    A friend recommended your site for ideas for Xmas gifts, and I found your blog on the Arduino. It sucks...because I was actually considering buying him the Arduino, given that he has expressed a desire to write more code for useful open source applications, and I thought this would be good--at the same time, I was afraid that it would be too basic for him.
    Can you recommend any other cool setup that he can actually enjoy tinkering with? Any tool, kit, or gift idea for a challenge-thirsty geek?
    Thank you!!!

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