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  • This would be a great kit to show up in my local Microcenter.

  • I am pleased as punch that this shield exists, and doubly pleased by the red cardboard box on my desk containing it. The pins are a bit too short so the first 4 or 5 of the inputs all contact the USB housing. It needs longer pins. To compare it to the ethernet shield, the length of the pins on the mux shield are about as long unmated, as the exposed section of a fully mated ethernet shield. This is true on my Duemilnova and my Uno. As suggested I am going to pick up a Arduino Stackable Header Kit.

  • I just received mine and thought I would post a few of notes:
    (1) The displacement of the disk over the surface when the stick is fully tilted is small. I drilled a 1.125 in. (29 mm) hole and that has worked just fine. The stick is mounted to the under surface of a thin plastic project box lid. If you were using something like 0.5 in. MDF you may want a slightly smaller hole. I used the same 1.125 in. bit to drill out the holes for the arcade buttons.
    (2) The microswitch metal tabs are more fragile and are thinner than the ones found on the arcade buttons. None of the crimp connectors I have will stay in place. One connector fell off taking the tab with it, so be careful. I am ordering some switches that I hope will be better replacements.
    (3) The restrictor plate needs a bit of space off to one side if mounted in the two-way configuration. I would like to see Sparkfun carry the plate as a separate piece so I can take small saw to mine without trepidation.

  • Nice little buttons. They do fit well in the mini ( railless ) breadboards they sell here, but I can't get em to fit in any of my Elenco or Archer (Tandy) boards.

  • While they do have a sticky pad on them, it would be cool to have a couple of countersunk screw holes in the center groove.

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