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My childhood was steeped in realness. Growing up in a quaint bedroom suburb of North Cakalak, I had to hustle everyday and stay on the grind. Most of my friends from the block (actually more of a cul-de-sac) are either dead or locked up…or moderately affluent professionals with respectable degrees and modest investment portfolios. But, eventually, the years of honing my rap skillz into white hot darts of fury paid off, and I made it up out of there. Some would tell you my exodus had more to do with my parents sending a check for tuition to Colorado College than with my legendary wordplay, but those people are just hating. I began working in the Sparkfun Production department in the fall of oh-six, after turning down a number of offers from major labels trying to put me on. Some of the offers were tempting, particularly the one that tried to ply me with a diamond-encrusted rocket car, but all ultimately fell apart over creative differences (I refuse to use beat machines, insisting that all my beats be created live by actual gunfire). After two studios were destroyed and one sound engineer critically injured, the label gave me an ultimatum. So I told them, “If you don’t want the realnis, then you don’t want Sik Dof,” and I came to work at Sparkfun…where everything we create is made with 100% live gunfire.


Production Manager


Sparkfun Electronics, COM 0, Full Clip Clique, Somali Pirate Fan Club

Spoken Languages

English, French, Street

Programming Languages

not at all proficient in C++, Arduino, BASIC, Python, or PHP


16th Street Raiders, KBD, 272’s, Westies, and Summit Co Ballers


Colorado College, UNC-Chapel Hill


lyricism, keeping it real-ism, getting money-ism


kicking it, getting lifted, hanging out by the middle school to slay weak emcees with my sick flows.



  • I’m curious if they have been diligent enough already to maintain their rights to this mark. There are tons of other brands of multimeter with this color scheme, and we have been selling ours for a good while as well. It appears, just based on a Google Shopping search that they have been pretty lax about defending it.

  • Can we send them to Sierra Leone (https://www.facebook.com/InnovateSalone)?

  • Ha. I had one of a pair go bad. I couldn’t handle having two different (even same size) screens, so I got rid of the working one and replaced both. I can dig it.

  • Nice work. I half noticed this when we stopped by your place en route to the bar. I am looking to do something very similar in the basement of our new place. …I am also baffled that you are able to cope with a single monitor.

  • Yes, if we don’t want to get into a discussion of it here, I would agree with you. Had I been the one to write the post, I would engage with you about the merits of it. Nate may yet get on here and do so himself. My reticence is simply out of respect for my IT coworkers who are moderating this thread and have expressed their wish to avoid such debate. Feel free to hit me up personally on Google+ or Facebook (isskewl@gmail.com). I’m always happy to mix it up on my personal spaces. Cheers.

  • While I appreciate the spirit of your question, any Google search can yield ample results explaining the perspectives of those who favor universal healthcare. The Economist is a particularly good and even handed source. Our moderators wish to keep this thread from devolving into a political debate, so I will respect that. Again, the point of the OP was to do something positive for those workers who, due to no fault of their own, are suffering as a result of the shutdown, not to open a debate about healthcare. Again, I can appreciate your position, but it’s not a discussion we are trying to engage in here.

  • I personally favor the ACA (though I would have rather seen a true single payer system). Obviously, our CEO who wrote the OP favors the law as well, as do many of my coworkers. However, there are more than a few here that feel differently, though they may be more reserved with their opinions.

    Is this the place for such expression of sentiment? Hard to say. As a privately held company, Nate pretty much gets to say what he wants (not to say that he doesn’t take very seriously the input of his directors and other employees). If it were me, and I had a well trafficked homepage on which to express myself, I imagine I would be far less reserved in sharing my opinions, and I would probably lose some customers with my perspectives.

    All that said, the real point of the post was not to advocate for a law that has already been passed, but to do something nice for the many casualties of the current shutdown, which is, regardless of what you think of the ACA, a pretty clear failure of our representatives to do their jobs.

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  • Without getting into a discussion of the merits of any policy, I just wanted to say thanks for the constructive, flame free comment. Your business and perspective are both appreciated here.

  • I’m not trying to go to jail.

  • Yes…and, yes.

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