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  • I think it worths the experience...
    The intention WAS GOOD, however theory is only 50%.
    Maybe next time google has already developed a tool for this kind of situation.
    Couldnt buy anything at all even that I was 3 clicks to go...
    more luck for us next time.

  • I love the work of you! This is a great event!
    I'm still worried about the international shipping stuff.
    If my invoice exceeds $50, I will have to pay custom taxes of 97% over total value.
    I agree with declaring $0,00 for items under $100,00 + shipping. This would make Free Day more like 'global'.
    I think that as a 'not-earning-amounts-of-money-yet' student, unfortunally I can't agree with "Just think of it this way, you're still paying $100 less", since I don't even have the other $100 to pay custom tariffs + shipping

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