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  • If you compare the schematic with this product you will notice that they are exactly the same with the exception of two things. First, an additional power jack input which is in parallel with the MicroUSB input. Second, the additional two outputs which are in parallel with the first two that are on both boards. If the above mentioned product can charge and be used at the same time, then this one can also.

    You must be careful about how much current your device draws. USB only provides 500mA of current and if your device draws 500mA or more than this then it is likely your battery will not charge and you may have difficulty powering your device when the battery is depleted.

  • So I tried this out and like it, but does anyone have an idea of how to mount it? There are few screws small enough for those holes and I wouldn't even know how you would tap holes for screws that small.

    Does anyone know what screws are meant to be used with this?

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