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  • Still Happy with the Port O Rotary A few years later. Still works as well or better than when I got it, with exceptions.
    I am doing some minor rework to it after an unfortunate power supply misidentification caused some damage. It still works, but the battery has to be removed and charged. The bright side is that I will finally be able to leave it plugged in and on.
    Moved the antenna from under the rotary dial plate to the top of the plastic case. MUCH better reception.
    Also know a little more about things electronic now, and see some audio conditioning circuits would be handy. Easy to splice in also.
    Maybe give the forum post a necro-bump. :) It has been a while.

  • AWESOME!!! I got the original screwshield, but it was a little too flimsy for my use. Had a few ideas on soldering it on the bottom of a Duemilanove,or making a 'U' shaped support bracket. I LOVE combining it with proto area. What a great idea.
    Now I have to make up another order...oh well!

  • Screwshield sure looked like a great idea, but was not sturdy enough for me. I debated making a custom 'U' shaped stand to support the wings and board, but have another alternative:
    Why not solder the wings directly to the bottom of the Arduino? I considered taking all the pins out of the Arduino and resolder new with the Screwshieled in place, but now I am looking at soldering them directly to the tiny stubs on the arduino. Unfortunately all of my Arduino's are in project boxes cut to allow for USB/power access, and the added height would not work. Going to order another Arduino, and try it.
    ANY suggestions welcome before I heat up the iron and commit. Thanks!!

  • I was looking for a serial 7-segment display, and the blue sold me. :) I have 2 coming via FedEx.
    I would like to mask the display with a lens to give a 'blackout' look when off.
    I am guessing blue, but any input on color? Thanks!

  • Ditto's on the fragile end. 2 of 3, and I was being VERY careful after number 1!
    I took my one remaining and put shrink tubing that barely fit over the connector. Pushed as far out on the connector as possible,then shrunk. It helps a lot.
    I do note the other end has heat shrink tubing from manufacture. Maybe this step could be added to the small end. If soldering the cable to the XBee directly fails, I will mod the new cables this way.

  • Love the chip, has a few quirks. The biggest is the 'page wrap', where if you overwrite the end of a 'page' in memory on the chip, it will overwrite the data at the beginning of that 'page'.

  • @ dingo -
    feel free to help out and post how you did your conversion. :) please :)
    I am going to search that number you give and see what that reveals.

  • Ok- finally got my act together and started a thread in the forum.
    It is in wireless/RF. search "port-o-rotary" or "POR".
    Let's MAKE this happen!!
    Note- even though you are logged in/registered to the comments here, you must do another register for the forum. Same username and password, but you have to activate again via email. Click on register up top.
    Took me a few failed login attempts at the forum to figure this out...D'Oh!

  • @wd6cmu- Yeah, thats how I have removed dials in the past- but this one has two (2) holes, and I cant seem to find the 'magic' combo to remove the dial.
    @zGhost- please keep in mind I was in a severe time crunch!! I had no chance to contact customer support, so I had to go on my own.
    @Nate- indeed, I agree the phone should ring like bloody hell:). I did charge the battery on that phone, still a no go. The new one startles the &^$@* out of me every time it rings now...cooooooool.....And the audio? Well, that's for us MAKErs to figure out now, isnt it. You only did 99% of the work for us :)
    Note to all-
    My previous connection problems have been traced to Unicel (Unisck!) network services. I got the phone for use in Vermont, and hoped to use the # down here in FL. Their service in VT scked, and it does here too. Using an ATT/cingular acct, the phone connects first try EVERY time on outgoing calls. No 3-5 ring (caller end) delay before the P.O.R. rings now either. MUUUUCH better. That problem solved!!
    @ MyBuddy- how are your mods going?

  • Well...Thanks and Kudos to Sparkfun for not pulling these comments....:)
    Still...No reply? Nobody out there playing with these phones?
    Well, it was a gamble. From all the plugs on MAKEblog I was hoping for a more vibrant community.
    FYI to those considering purchase.

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