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  • Awesome idea!

  • Yep. Trying to imagine what rotating through the “hue” in a hue-saturation-value model that is expecting R-G-B LEDs would look like on these guys … May just have to get some and try!

  • Is there an Arduino library that can deal with these strips being cool/warm/amber instead of RGB? Maybe FastLED could be extended/adapted? Would be super useful to be able to specify a color in degrees K and have the LEDs display it!

  • Great! Thanks.

  • Hi! The GitHub and Hookup Guide links are both 404-ing for me right now.

  • I am having trouble with trackGain() in the WAV Trigger library on an UNO. I can successfully trigger files using the library, but can’t seem to change the gain. Maybe I am just being dense, can someone spot the problem with the following? The track always seems to play at the default volume. Many thanks…

    // ****************************************************************************
        #include "AltSoftSerial.h"
        #include "wavTrigger.h"
    wavTrigger wTrig;
    // ****************************************************************************
    void setup() {
    // ****************************************************************************
    void loop() {
        int trk = 1;
        int vol = random(-70, 1);
        wTrig.trackGain(trk, vol);
  • I have an oddball question: If I had multiple LilyPad MP3 units with matching SD cards and triggered them simultaneously, how much “drift” would there be in the playback start time from unit to unit? Would the offset be consistent each time the devices were triggered? And, if the offset could be measured and compensated for, would the playback (without external sync) stay together for a few minutes of playback time?

    Okay, that was several questions…

    Anybody done any experiments?

  • “…eliminating the need to stack multiple shields to get desired.”

    Wait; all I had to do was stack multiple shields?

  • Euroversion, pretty please!

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