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  • "Perhaps you need to communicate in an emergency, when other networks might not be available?"

    Will the payment/rental billing system still function if other networks aren't available? Seems like that's what "built-in" should mean, but I'm curious about this use case.

  • Thanks for the information; very helpful. I will have to do some more research, but I am afraid that even 3 ms would wreck ambisonic playback, especially if a source panned between the two board's respective speakers...might could do a six above and six below sort of arrangement inside a dodecahedron and just disallow pans that would cross the equator.

  • Question: I have an application in mind where I need 12 synced mono audio channels out (it's for ambisonic playback)...normally I would use a Mac Mini, a multichannel sound card and Max/MSP for this, but a Tsunami solution would be both more robust and more cost effective.

    Is there a way to set up a trigger for 6 tracks each on two Tsunami boards and then have them all start in sync from a single physical trigger...or a way to accomplish this via serial or MIDI signal? Thanks!

  • I have not used this particular sensor, but, based on my past experience with similar ultrasonic sensors, you will not detect a fluffy cat with it. (The sensors I have used before even struggled to detect clothed humans...naked humans (or shaved cats?) do seem to be reflective enough. YMMV).

    Of course, if you can shoot at a wall or other hard surface in a no-cat state and then look for a major change in that reading as the cat absorbs the sound, you might be in business...

  • Awesome idea!

  • Yep. Trying to imagine what rotating through the "hue" in a hue-saturation-value model that is expecting R-G-B LEDs would look like on these guys ... May just have to get some and try!

  • Is there an Arduino library that can deal with these strips being cool/warm/amber instead of RGB? Maybe FastLED could be extended/adapted? Would be super useful to be able to specify a color in degrees K and have the LEDs display it!

  • Great! Thanks.

  • Hi! The GitHub and Hookup Guide links are both 404-ing for me right now.

  • I am having trouble with trackGain() in the WAV Trigger library on an UNO. I can successfully trigger files using the library, but can't seem to change the gain. Maybe I am just being dense, can someone spot the problem with the following? The track always seems to play at the default volume. Many thanks...

    // ****************************************************************************
        #include "AltSoftSerial.h"
        #include "wavTrigger.h"
    wavTrigger wTrig;
    // ****************************************************************************
    void setup() {
    // ****************************************************************************
    void loop() {
        int trk = 1;
        int vol = random(-70, 1);
        wTrig.trackGain(trk, vol);

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