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  • Best design resource I found was http://www.nomad.ee/micros/mc34063a/index.shtml
    I’m pretty sure there is an error calculating Ct, it is off by a factor of 10. I could be wrong but it is best to double check yourselves. Try it, put in the example initial values found in the AN920-D reference sheet.
    I just sent a email to the author, looks like it was written a long time ago. In any case it is best to double check the values yourself.

  • So, when this is set to voltage, it shows you how much current is being used by your circuit?
    I always have problems with multimeter breaking my circuit when I try to measure the current.

  • It is a guess that it probably has to do with the transport available in Sweden. It looks like rail is popular there. In almost all of the U.S. transport by car is the only option. When it snows a lot it can be very hard (sometimes impossible) and dangerous to operate the car on the snow covered roads.

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