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  • Will this board still power SYS OUT if the battery is disconnected but a wallwart or USB is plugged in?

  • It doesn’t look like this charger has undervoltage protection, right?

  • On PRT-11231 it says it cannot pull more than 100mA from the USB connector without a chip negotiating with the host for more current (USB standards). Does this one have the same limitation? It doesn’t have a chip to request higher current. Or does it just assume you’re powering from a powersupply like a wall-wart that supplies 500mA-1A/5V?

  • 3 wires means it’s multi-cell (the 3rd wire is for load balancing). This is definitely not a load-balancing circuit.

  • It’s a shipping vs price tradeoff. Sparkfun charges less than Digikey for shipping, but Digikey charges less per unit, with greater discounts the more you order.

    Right now they even out at about 20 pcs. So if you need less, go with Sparkfun.

  • Red is generally danger. It means the circuit is energized. Yellow/Amber is generally “alert”.

  • This is a great product, but for my design I need an LED that can notify me of low 3.7 lipo battery for a while, so it needs to be very economical in it’s power usage. Using a TS555 timer circuit, can I have it control an NPN transistor, only checking the battery once per second instead of constantly?

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