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  • Hey Toni, thanks for the reply.

    I hear you on the TRIACs...I was guessing that was some of the size. I do howver think the connectors could be off boarded. I'm not sure the correct engineering to make that work but sometype of cable bundle. Maybe the power requirements cause havic with this idea as well?

    What about ditching the controller side all together like your sheild, I think that's still for sale, but make the board as small as technically possible. Then use a stacking method with your thing board or other smaller sized boards. The arduino headers make things simple but projects get kind of big. I've been digging the new set of mini boards out (from SF and others) that stack.

    This is a very cool idea and I've not seen many baords that handle EL Wire to sequence. But this would be so much cooler if it was wearable and wifi. If nothing else just update the microconroller and add micro usb. That would make it simpler to use as well. I could see this as a fun MakeyMakey-like board but for EL.

    Again...excellent stuff and these are just ideas.

  • This is a really cool idea for a board. Any chance this could be shrunk down? It's a big board in a world where boards are getting really small.

    Maybe a muti-connector or something smaller that go out to pig tails with JST to the EL Wire to reduce size? Update the 328P to at least a 32u4 to remove other componets. Wireless with 8266 (or replace the full controller with your THING board) or bluetoothLE. Oh, I just noticed it doesn't have a USB port as well. An FTDI cable is fine but a micro USB would be better.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of this board a lot. If the concept was thought of more in the realm of a wearable sized item it would have so many more uses. The board can only get so small, but with newer microcontoller, wireless, USB, and possibly combo output connector to the EL Wire it might be half the size.

    All just idea's...

  • There's only one thing I love more than SparkFun Electronics...Pudding.

  • I don't think it's cheaper than Kickstarters, in fact I think it's about $10 more if I remember correctly. The difference is that the Kickstarter version comes with the MicroView and the Programer so that is about $55 on here and I think it was $45 on Kickstarter.

    Anyhow...Happy they have this product for pre-order. Now if I could just get them to sell the little OLED screen as a stand alone breakout that would be super cool!


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