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  • Hey, it's great you did a 3D model of this display, but how about an Eagle entry in the library so we can use it there too?

  • " I ordered a package from SparkFun over 2 full weeks ago (I’m only in Canada, it’s not like it has to go overseas) and it’s still not here… and I paid MORE for shipping than next-day service from element14!! Explain that one!"

    One word... Customs

  • Nice size, however a few basic problems that really need to be address. First, the holes for the binding posts are keyed. Flat spot in hole for a flat spot in the binding post to keep the post from turning when tightening. Only problem with this, is the holes are too large for the binding posts so they spin freely in the hole. Second is the rubber feet. They don't stay stuck. I have had it only an hour and so far all of them have fallen off at least one. Will probably end up supergluing some new ones to the board so they stay in place. Or just take the binding posts off (not really going to use them) and put on shorter feet so they don't catch on stuff and get knocked off like these longer ones do.