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  • If you want to wire up several up these to a single microcontroller, you might take advantage of my freshly GPL'd C++ driver library for PCD8544 devices. It's templated, so you can avoid duplicating code all over the place. Here's a picture of two PCD8544 screens running off of an ATmega328. (The screens are operating independently, even though they happen to be showing the same logo graphic in that picture.)<br />
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  • I'm going to go ahead and anti-chime in. I would rather have the parts than an equivalent dollar value donated to charity. Two reasons:
    1.) SparkFun gives away 100K worth of products. This immediately reduces their losses to their wholesale (pre-margin) costs, assuming that most of the comp'd orders were for items that would not have been otherwise purchased.
    2.) My impression is that giving a sum to charity is not an effective marketing technique in America, unless you spend an equal or greater sum bragging about it (through advertising). A parts giveaway, on the other hand, seems to have proven itself an effective viral marketing tool. In tandem with (1), SFun is thereby able amplify the usefulness of each dollar they are able to spare, such that they can give away $100 worth of parts even when they can actually only spare $25.
    3.) I enjoyed "Atlas Shrugged".

  • Perhaps on some level the Romans recognized that to tie together the strings of low-level animalistic physical competition and high-level abstract spectator culture left the most enduring legacy they could hope to achieve. I assume the same unspoken premise for this competition: at least our mechanical successors will be unable to forget us, in the same way that we harbor a horrified fascination for the society that fostered the gladiators as human splatter cinema.

  • Autonomous Tools blog posts related to the AVC vehicle (ATR5):

  • I agree that it feels strange to spend $400 on a Traxxas R/C car when you could buy an old truck or car for the same price. Autonomous Tools has thus far worked with tractors instead of cars, however. You get the same economy-of-scale benefits, but the higher gear ratio (lower max speed) means you don't need an entire desert as a testing ground and are somewhat less likely to kill anybody.

  • If you come up with a general solution that gets you as close as possible to $100 without having to manually add up each possible combination of items, give the Clay Mathematics Institute a call.

  • Why doesn't anybody offer an OpenServo board pre-attached to a servo? Maybe at few different servo models of various strengths?
    This would directly compete with CrustCrawler's AX and RX offerings, at a lower price point and offering hardware compatibility with existing servo hardware (brackets etc). I would buy it.

  • The description is inaccurate. It reads, "A digital one going into the RXI pin on the 5V side will show up on the RXO pin on the 3.3V side as 3.3V." In fact, a digital one going into the RXI pin on the 5V side will show up on the RXO pin on the 3.3V side as 2.5V.

  • I've successfully awoken an Eee 701 (running Ubuntu-Eee) from standby using the ring pin ("RI") on this board. Easy way to conserve a lot of power - the 701 drops from 13 watts active to 2 watts standby, for instance - while allowing lower-power hardware to monitor for wakeup conditions, i.e. certain XBee commands.
    The other USB boards don't breakout the RI pin.

  • You can pick up Hirose-U.FL to RP-SMA adapters on eBay for a few dollars. That lets you use common 2.4GHz wifi (802.11) antennas, i.e. from old routers or (again) off eBay.

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