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  • Here is my scenario: I want to be able to browse, find one or two small items and buy them on an impulse.

    If I knew that "anything which can fit in a U.S.P.S. package (insert actual name here) is $3" it would be another weekly purchase done. I would be willing to add $3 to even the very smallest "exact thing" I want and knowing that "a few" can fit in that same $3 shipping, I will browse a bit more.

    After that I don't think it has to be free shipping, but again some flat $10 for what fits in a "standard SparkFun shipping box of love."

    In my opinion you should invest the $250K into figuring out new and innovative ways to safely, quickly and tightly pack almost everything you ship into a few standard sizes that we can understand. It works with popcorn at the movies, I think people can understand a few sizes. Then that one year return on that quarter million will benefit all of us year after year.

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