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  • How many threads like this have I seen? The prefectionists versus the it's good enough to work for what I want to do folks.

    If you think this is crap then don't buy it. If it works good enough for what you want it to do (thats me and it wont be just for powering something) then buy it. I don't mind a word of caution but how much pissin' do you guys think you need to do?


  • Are we really making the "I don't like it so its obviously worthless" argument again? Perhaps we should talk about our musical tastes or our preferences in programming languages. Those arguments would be just as pointless.
    Clothes or robots, enjoy electronics in whatever manner you like.

  • May I paraphrase? "I don't like so it must be worthless." Okay, got it, next please.

  • I've read this same thread on aviation, car, and guitar online forums. Lets face it; when you are starting out you have different needs than when you have experience and different needs yet when you are an expert.
    Theres another aspect to this as well; your personality. Some people want to understand things from the ground up before they do anything and some just want to get right into the activity at hand and may never care to understand about the details.
    So which is "better"? If you have to ask that you've missed the point.

  • I'm been a hardware and software engineer for 36 years. Whatever I'm doing I look at as creation, creation that is satisfying for me in and of itself. Congratulations to Rob for satisfying his creative urge!
    Oh and yes, while I'm having fun I'm also being paid quite well for it.

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