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  • I noticed the same thing as well. One thing that helped a bit was 'set input_gain=15'. You have to do that every time you use the mic though. When read, you get input_gain=15 but for some reason, the back end register gets reset to something like 7 or 8, and has to be rewritten back to 15 to get the microphone sensitivity back up. It's a little annoying. I suppose some of that also has to do with mic sensitivity or bias voltage. Maybe try lowering the bias resistor value to get more current across the mic? Is your filtering attenuating your signal?

  • Has anyone had any luck disabling the iOS battery indicator? I get an error when I try to read/write enable_battery_ind. Also, does the purpletooth jamboree design limit the chip antenna performance? I'm not getting the greatest reception, and wondering if the receiver/chip antenna just isn't very sensitive.

  • Are the right and left audio outputs reversed on the board?

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