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  • Arrrgghhh! The hardware flow control pins on the FTDI STILL aren’t brought out like they are on the Duemilanove!

  • Reading the US ITC’s exclusion order, it sounds like Fluke can authorize imports. I hate seeing useful things be destroyed, especially an an environment cost. It would be nice if Fluke permitted Sparkfun to import these meters on the condition that 1) they are donated, and possibly 2) that they are modified (e.g. by a quick paint job) to not infringe on Fluke’s trade dress.

  • From the letter, it sounds like you can export them anywhere that Fluke does not have that particular trademark claim. Throw them up on eBay?

  • It would be nice if there was a thin version of this that would reliably work with DIP ICs… If that’s even possible.

  • Can you put this on top of your breadboard and still use the breadboard? It would be nice if you could just lift the PCB off the breadboard when your circuit works, but the board might be too thick for the components to make good connections with the breadboard?

  • No. The datasheet for the TXB0104 explicitly states, “the TXB0104 should not be used in applications such as I2C or 1-Wire where an open drain driver is connected on the bidirectional data I/O.”

  • A word of caution: read the data sheet carefully. I got bit by this IC before because I was using it to level-shift JTAG signals, which are pulled up by resistors on the target device. The value of the pull-up resistors was too low, which caused the IC to be confused about the direction of the signals.

    The datasheet recommends using 50k pull-up resistors if you need them. It is also incompatible with I2C, 1-Wire, and similar buses.

  • One gotcha I really wished someone had told me about before: trace length matters. I knew that for high speed applications the delay due to trace length was not negligible (and thus you have to worry about matching trace lengths to avoid skew), but I wasn’t aware of the transmission line effects traces had over a certain length, which depends on the sharpness of your signal’s edges (and NOT its frequency). I made a PCB that had some pretty nasty ringing on a ~1 MHz signal just because of the high slew rate.

  • Aww… I was kinda hoping it was a surprise free day. There was some mysterious tweet from the Sparkfun twitter account saying something like “go check right now if you want to see why we’re down.” And there was no information there, except all the prices were $0.00. It was either a subtle free day promoted over Twitter or a bug. ;)

  • YES!!!! I’ve been waiting forever for those WS2812s! MOAR!!!

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