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  • There is a mistake. According to the bluetoothe website : http://www.bluetooth.com/Pages/Basics.aspx In the table of “Power Class”, “Class 3” should corresponds to a range of 1m, not 10cm.

  • We can infer this from dimension E (0.236”) and dimension L ( MAX 0.05 - MIN 0.016 / 2 = 0.033”). –I think you may mean “(MAX 0.05 + MIN 0.016) / 2” :)

  • This is a great tutorial! Thank your for posting it. And i have a question about the ADC with ripple on the system. If the 5V rail has 500mV of ripple (10% of the reference voltage), I think the micro will report a regular 2.5V reading as varing between 2.5V/110% and 2.5V/90%, i.e. ~2.27V and ~2.78V. Am i right?

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