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  • What if I measure near zero (~0.1) there?

  • is it possible to sense "where" a object was touched e.g. the touchpoint on a string?

  • Hi Robert, we did that and it works now, thank you (also installed the latest firmware today). I also had to include it in my arduino sketch to get it to work. But during testing there was another problem: I loaded your (sparkfun hookup guide) demo wav files (001_xyz.wav ...) onto the sd card and then tried (setup) to load them at once, mute them, set them to loop and then start all at once and (loop) to fade them in and out. But the looping did not work with the short files. Only the longer file looped properly (the one that was provided in sparkfuns hookup guide), all others just played once. Then I tried to upload other longer wavs (44100,16bit, not meta) but they didn't play at all. Then tried to rename them (001.wav, 001_test.wav ...). The only thing that changed was that suddenly your original file named 005_...wav worked and looped. I'm going to play around with all those things and will hopefully find a solution but maybe you've got an idea what might cause this behaviour.

  • Thanks for your answer. I recenlty bought one and it works just fine. But I have one additional question regarding serial communication. I've connected the arduino uno TX (pin 0) to the wav trigger RX and Arduino Gnd to Trigger Gnd. But when I try to send commands using your library (https://github.com/robertsonics/WAV-Trigger-Arduino-Serial-Library) I get the following error before compiling the sketch:

    In file included from wavtrigger_serial.ino:2:
    /Users/xyz/Documents/Arduino/libraries/wavtrigger/wavTrigger.h:43:44: error: ../AltSoftSerial/AltSoftSerial.h: No such file or directory
    In file included from wavtrigger_serial.ino:2:
    /Users/xyz/Documents/Arduino/libraries/wavtrigger/wavTrigger.h:67: error: 'AltSoftSerial' does not name a type

    I copied the whole zip to my arduino library so there shouldn't miss anything. I also tried to change everything in your library from AltSoftSerial to SoftwareSerial but just got some other errors (probably made some mistakes?)

  • Hello @robertsonics, does that also mean that I can control the trigger with my arduino uno via your serial library? And that I'm also able to control the audio of all tracks individual? I want to start all tracks on the sd card at once and then fade them in and out as the arduino says. Would that be possible? Thanks in advance!

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