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  • My favorite has to be the base block, but it isn’t an easy choice. (A close second is the GPIO block). I had to choose the base block because of it’s versatility.

    I’ve got two projects planned for the Edison, both of which will used the base block.

    Project One: I’ve got quite an extensive food pantry and storage, but I never seem to know what I have. The solution is to take the Edison, a base block, and a USB camera and have the Edison take a picture of each barcode, process it, and add the barcode to my inventory. If it’s new, it will use the bluetooth in my phone to ask for descriptors or choose what product it is. It will then keep a database with quantities and last purchase date that is searchable by smartphone. Removing an item is as simple as pressing a button and while holding the button, scanning the barcode. When I get this working for food, I’ll add the code to do vision processing for my extensive IC/parts library.

    Project Two: AVC Robot. The second project uses both the GPIO and the base block. It is, of course, a robot for the AVC. I’ll do some vision processing to find the way to completing the race(I hope to use two cameras and two Edison’s to do a stereo vision system).

  • Nick, holding what is left of SparkFun’s servers after the dumpster dive, calls for help.

  • I never said it was safe, only that there is precedence for it to work. Granted, this is max of less than an amp…

  • There is a guy over on Hackaday who’s entry to the Square Inch Project was a board that did just that. Just remember, you sacrifice amperage as you get smaller.

  • En Garde Santa Claws!

  • From the on GitHub

    “This is a port of FreeRTOS as Arduino libraries. The documentation for FreeRTOS is located here: FreeRTOS is version 8.0.1

    These libraries were tested with Arduino 1.05 for AVR boards, Arduino 1.5.7 for Due and the 1.20RC2/1.0.5 version of the Teensy 3 software."

  • Welcome to Mount AVC, I am the Buddha Battle Bot Monk. What tool can I give you young traveler?

  • Why run toward the wall when you could run away from it? Less bashing on the wall, less likely you’ll ruin something, and easier on the feet.

  • I always look at the old electronics that get tossed at work or at home. For instance, an old computer case can be great for larger enclosures. Often, the only thing I have to do is to replace the front plastic with some custom front panel.

  • I like that box pattern generator. Its nice that I don’t have to go draw out each one. Clever idea.

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