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  • I don't think they really advertised this year's free day as a stress test. Maybe that is why it fell so flat. They wanted to continue the tradition but without the task of stressing the servers it became just a raffle and to me became much less interesting and worthwhile...

  • Still love Sparkfun, however, I found this year's Free Day very disappointing. I think of Sparkfun as a fun, creative, innovative company, that help make electronics exciting. I think this year's Free Day lacked all of that. I am really curious how they went from last year's model to this year's? Last year loyal customers had a chance of being rewarded for their loyalty, the mechanism for winning was fun and really embodied what the company was all about. This year it seemed like it was phoned in. The mechanism to win felt like busy work only more frustrating, it required no knowledge, it was not exciting, it was not creative. In my opinion the whole experience was dull. Now note, you cannot just expect to win, everyone should get that, but at least with last year's system the experience seemed worthwhile and fit with what the company was about. Again I love the idea of a Free Day but I felt this year's really fell flat, I will try hard to look forward to next's years.

  • I'd buy this kit!

  • I think it would be interesting to see who claimed the first prize and maybe who was the first to complete the entire quiz. Can we see some data like that? It is always fun for people to have bragging rights

  • Maybe next yr...

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