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  • A 1 weight is, by all the guides I've seen, about 'fingering weight'. I guessed the number by your description; but you are right that no two designations ever agree. And I prefer a bit of stretch, like normal cotton, for tatting. I use the needle method, and find it just works better. But I might be able to use this as the center thread and something else to be the visible part . . . okay, can't let my brain wander in the middle of posting. But if someone else thought it was a good weight for lace, it's worth a shot. As for color, that's what dye is for.

    Bobbin lace, I learned to make with linen thread; much much finer than most yarns even designate. Only slightly thicker than sewing thread (which I've used for both types of lace before). On the plus side, patterns can use a "gimp thread" that is often bigger and either shiny or another color to accent the pattern. And since I just got 120 wood bobbins real cheap, it's time to start some glowing projects. I had been thinking to use some EL wire through a few patterns, guess I'll see what works when the next order gets placed.

    Thanks for the replies about the thread. And sorry for hijacking a bit, I take any excuse to teach a little about lace making.

    p.s. I wish "gimp thread" wasn't the lace maker term for it's purpose. It's a thread that just sits in the pattern and doesn't do any of the weaving. The social activist in me wishes lace makers could have named it anything else.

  • 1) so about a 1 weight by most guides? Good, that's the heaviest that I like making lace from. I can work with worsted weight, but it takes about 3 times as much yarn for the same project. 2) if it isn't stretchy, I guess that rules out using it for tatted lace. Pulling a ring tight seems like it could snap this from the description and your comment. Guess that leaves bobbins for me (you other folks can crochet and knit). Once I finish my bobbin collection (thinking epoxy casting so I can get 100 bobbins in the next month) this will go on the wish list and see what happens. I've got a project in mind already.

  • Hmm, I wonder how I could use this in a piece of lace...one conductive thread hidden in a bunch of others? Might work for bobbins, but tatted lace is so tricky to swap a thread in and out.

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