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  • You need to add a CPU

    No, that is embedded on to the motherboard. Normally it's a Intel ATOM or AMD E-xxx Series. Most dual core as well ;)

    a hard disk

    Most modern BIOSes support booting from USB flash drives ($5), so no problem there.

    a hefty power supply

    A 45W PSU should work nicely.

    a wireless I/F

    Only a additional $6 from DX

  • For that price... I would rather have a Mini-ITX motherboard (like this and this). Of course you have to purchase ram, but it can be bought relatively cheap these days.

    As for GPIO... Bitbang the serial/parallel port or use a FTDI FT-X series converter to handle that.

    I really don't understand the idea of integrating a MPU (along with minimal support components) with no expansion capabilities other than low speed serial interfaces. Perhaps i'm the only one who thinks that...

  • Interestingly enough, a SHT15 Breakout Board will mount (almost) perfectly within the case.

  • Or, you can save more than $10 if you have sampling privileges, or know a overseas "SparkFun" shop ;)

    It's sort of like how hulu works; pay a premium for something now (or in red) or wait a while for someone to release the same exact board (Thanks OSHW!) often in blue at a fairly more reasonable price.

  • The datasheet doesn't include the actual dimension data, but rather includes a link to another document that does have it.

  • It's a physical design limitation, And it is valid until 2199, not 2099. Smart software could compensate by maintaining it's own century counter in the RTC's SRAM. However i doubt this device could last more than 200 years in the field. Wikipedia has a nice article on semiconductor failure modes if your interested.

  • Anyone else have problems with the PCDunio USB Micro-B connector used for power tearing off the board after a few connect/disconnects?

  • Well, the case is not transparent but translucent. Black would give the most contrast, or a clever lighting setup using the case itself for lighting diffusion.

  • The Red enclosure in the images can be found at:

  • Depends on how waterproof the case really is.