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Open Source C99

  • Product SEN-11859 | about 2 days ago

    Or, you can save more than $10 if you have sampling privileges, or know a overseas “SparkFun” shop ;)

    It’s sort of like how hulu works; pay a premium for something now (or in red) or wait a while for someone to release the same exact board (Thanks OSHW!) often in blue at a fairly more reasonable price.

  • Product COM-10079 | about 4 days ago

    The datasheet doesn’t include the actual dimension data, but rather includes a link to another document that does have it.

  • Product COM-10079 | about 4 days ago

    It’s a physical design limitation, And it is valid until 2199, not 2099. Smart software could compensate by maintaining it’s own century counter in the RTC’s SRAM. However i doubt this device could last more than 200 years in the field. Wikipedia has a nice article on semiconductor failure modes if your interested.

  • Product DEV-12749 | about 5 days ago

    Anyone else have problems with the PCDunio USB Micro-B connector used for power tearing off the board after a few connect/disconnects?

  • Product PRT-12845 | about 5 days ago

    Well, the case is not transparent but translucent. Black would give the most contrast, or a clever lighting setup using the case itself for lighting diffusion.

  • Product PRT-11371 | about a month ago

    The Red enclosure in the images can be found at: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11366

  • Product SEN-11084 | about a month ago

    Depends on how waterproof the case really is.

  • Product SEN-11084 | about a month ago

    There CAN be a change in air pressure. External pressure upon the nylon case can influence the pressure inside the nylon case.

  • Product TOL-11100 | about 2 months ago

    The product photo needs to be reshot (or photo-shopped), The straight mosquito hemostat is missing.

  • News - Your SparkFun January Cap… | about 3 months ago

    Sparkfun Electronics newest mobile app, Employee on demand! Open the app, choose the desired employee, aim at desired location and click request.

    Remember to lock your phone to prevent accidental employee requests.

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