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  • Just a heads up for everyone. I know it says 5v but for kicks I tried to run the relay off 3.3v and it won’t trigger. Not really a surprise but I wanted to give it a shot anyways.

  • My company has used EC2 a ton and am pretty unimpressed all around - at one point we’ve had as many as 30 instances running with about 20 of them being the largest they offer. While spinning up new instances on demand is very easy once you have the right scripts, the actual performance of each instance is quite poor. We’ve seen something on the order of 50% improvement under load from similar real-world hardware vs. the EC2 virtual image. It’s not at all consistent either - the performance fluctuates wildly per machine and time frame.
    We made the terrible mistake of assuming performance on EC2 was reasonably close to what it would be in production and spent a small fortune optimizing the system when it was totally unnecessary.
    Spinning up servers on demand for load is cool, but running everything on EC2 alone just isn’t quite there yet. Ultimately it’s more expensive too if you use a fair bit of bandwidth. As it stands, we are only going to use EC2 for times when we need a machine RIGHT now and we only need it for a few weeks to a month or two.

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