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  • I'm playing around with some ideas for a racing motorcycle. They run from a boost control system and data logger (on the simple end of the spectrum) to a fuel injection control system (on the other end).

    One thing that is I will need is to have lots of external interrupts that I can use. I've been doing some reading on the pcduino and it looks like my programming will more likely be linux code than arduino code. It's not that I mind but that makes the job more complex.

    Can I fire interrupts on edges from more than just the two standard exernal pins with the pcduino? I'm also considering a due as I've read some blogs and other articles saying that any of it's pins can be used.

    Also, since this is a real linux device what's it's boot time? I'll need something that can come to life in a couple seconds. And is it's performance fast enough to be considered real time?

    I'm still digging and I may buy one of each and experiment but any answers that can be provided will be appreciated. I suspect that the pcduino may not be the board that I'm looking for, but it has a lot of horsepower and that makes it appear attractive.

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