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  • I always thought quality screwdrivers had to have a hollow-ground tip like or I can't find the original article I read about screwdriver tips but here's another one that discusses why a hollow-ground tip is better: They're not hard to find. As for the grip on the Xcelite, I don't know...they might very well be comfortable.

  • Maybe this will bring the price down to something more in the hobbyist/experimentation zone:

    1. Jake is sure these new products will just fly off the shelves.
    2. Sparkfun's new products for the week. Jake not included.
    3. Sparkfun introduces a new line of cutting edge UAV's. Batteries not included.
    4. Jake contemplates, "Why do they keep giving me these owls instead of a paycheck?"
    5. Jake has a brilliant cost-saving idea: express delivery of small parts by owl.
    6. After years of suffering, counting tiny parts in the musty basement stockroom, Jake turns his coworkers into owls and contemplates his future.
    7. Jake manages to snag the latest DARPA drones--what he won't do for Sparkfun customers.

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