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  • Spark fun thinks this was a success? The only thing they gave back to their community is hard feelings, sure they gave away 100K but I think they will loose in the end. If I were in charge of marketing and Heard "We can alienate 100,000 people in one day and make 1000 people happy at the same time" they would be out on the street. Their IT people are idiots if they think they came close to "staying up"...IDK... if I can find the items I need from another supplier, I am inclined to give my business to them, not SFE

  • I lost 2? hours of my time, as did countless other people who believed that SF had actually beefed up their servers. I want them to realise the total failure of this stunt and apploigize to us!

  • OK I clicked the refresh button for 3.75 hrs and did not get free stuff. I wasted time that I will never get back. Whom do I send a bill of my time to?

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