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ARRL, American Mensa


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  • Just went on an adoption trip to China this past July ‘08. Got to go to some 'end-user’ electronics stores, including some tube-hi-fi spots, but not the component-level electronic items (dang!).
    I was surprised to find Ham radio items (Yaesu, Kenwood and Icom) in a few stores, along with some local brands.
    USB sticks, cameras, lenses; couldn’t really find any cheaper than a good store (or online) in the USA. Got a Canon camera bag for about $5, though. Portable DVD players were still quite expensive (about $200), but in the US, these are $69 to $89.
    Fewer pirate movies (that I could find), although Spongebob and other cartoons are sold in bundles (in sort of large, book-albums of DVDs).
    The air and the water are difficult to get used to - if at all. We have no idea how good we have it in western countries. The people there are great though.
    Mike Y
    Dallas, Texas

  • Congratulations on your continued growth and success. These are the right problems to have!
    Mike Y
    Dallas, Texas

  • Mechanical encoders are cheap and pretty stable for general work, and there’s Arduino code available for interfacing.
    318-ENC160F-24P from Alpha is pretty good and a fine 24 pulses per rotation.
    Bourns makes a couple - if you were going to carry two, carry one with the ‘bump switch’:
    PEC11-4220F-N0012 - just an encoder / 2-bit Gray Code
    PEC11-4220F-S0012 - same, with an additional bump-switch
    Mike Y
    Dallas, Texas

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