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  • Has anyone seen the TMP102 in a waterproof package similar to the DS18B20? All I can find is either a breakout or the smc/ic. I prefer the 102 over B20, but can't find something that's a little more polished than a breakout board but can still be used in a builder project. Any comments/help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. -jcs

  • Well, I figured it out, for anyone that cares. Serban recommended removing the soldering paste above the ADD0 pin. Using a DMM, I was able to determine that I still had continuity issues. So, I used really small wick (0.025"), a better iron and magnifying glass and my DMM confirmed that I got rid of ALL of the paste - no more continuity = no more problem changing the address.

    Now, I have one TMP102 that I used female headers on - I've since changed my design and removed the headers, but I still have solder in the pin holes (or whatever they're called). The wick doesn't seem to be pulling out the solder, so I am going to try the "add more solder, then use the wick" technique to pull out the solder so that I can put male header pins in place and re-use my last TMP102. Wish me luck, hope this helps someone.

  • I'm really struggling to remove this "soldering paste". My challenge is the size - it's so small that I can barely get my iron and the wick in place to still see what I am doing - regardless of a magnifying glass. Any other recommendations?

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