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  • Also looks like I just stumbled across a bug in the current firmware (v1.10). You know the MIC_BIAS doesn't turn on until you actually fire up a Bluetooth profile that uses MIC... Well appears that after you power up the device, the first time MIC_BIAS gets enabled it comes up at around 2.5V, however all subsequent times, it only comes up around 1.1V. Power down and up and again, the first MIC enable comes up at 2.5V, but only the first. ~1.1V for ever more. Could not figure out why sometimes I got good MIC levels and other times no. Then I found this wackiness in the MIC_BIAS level.

    If you are having MIC volume level issues on your RN52, you might see if your chip is doing what mine is. Hopefully they'll open up the setting of MIC_BIAS levels in the future v1.16 firmware.

  • btw, I pinged microchip support on the (lack of) ability to modify the mic gain values on the RN-52. Sounds like they are working on a firmware update (v1.16) that will include the ability to modify those values. No word however on when v1.16 will be available.

  • any thought to breaking out the CE as well? Would be useful for building circuits with 'zero power' sleep mode.

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