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  • Only a brain-dead drool monkey with myopia could conjure any similarities between your trademark and that of SPARC.
    This is a classic example of lawyers drumming up work for themselves with frivolous lawsuits. The lawyers don't believe what they are saying, and neither would anyone with morals or common sense...but then again both of those are rare commodities.
    I say let them whine, suck up SPARC's money and in the end this stupidity will probably just die.
    As for the phonetics, here is a real example of what those weenies are trying to claim ( )
    "Sparkfun" is as similar to "SPARC" as Star Trek is to Star Wars...well, "Star" anyway.
    This is stupid, blow them off as much as possible.
    For what it's worth, I am a main purchaser of equipment for my firm, and I now know of one company (SPARC) whose products I will always avoid if an alternative exists.
    Good one SPARC.

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