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  • So, if one just connected it to a Block Base for power via a USB cable, could it then be programmed using a VNC over the WiFi? Would an Ethernet be faster? If so, is an Ethernet block in the works? (Perhaps with POE) I wonder how long it will be before someone makes a Beowulf cluster with these.

  • It was not that long ago that a computer cost more than this. And while some 3D printers are less expensive, they probably do not have the print area that this one has.

  • Someone asked this in the YouTube comments, but I'd like to ask it here as well. How much time do you have between applying the solder paste and placing components? Could I apply paste to say 100 boards, and then populate them all, or would the paste dry out before I got to board number 10?

  • It might be nice to have level shifters on this board as well so it works with 5V logic. Just a thought.

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