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  • Will these strippers remove the enamel insulation from the type of wire used for winding toroid transformers, chokes, etc.?

  • While I applaud the idea of free day I was left totally unimpressed. In general over the several years I've been a customer Sparkfun was in the "way cool" category. Today it transitioned to "you suck."
    When the appointed hour came I began trying the site. With countless attempts there was not a single time that I could even see a Sparkfun web page much less try to actually order anything. I was very briefly excited when a page started to load... until I realized it was telling me that people who were actually allowed to see the website got all the giveaways and there were none left for the rest of us.
    I had hoped to use this as an opportunity to try out a couple of products I didn't really have a specific project for but seemed to have potential. Instead I wasted a lot of my time.
    That whole "any press is good press" thing? Not so good for retail folks who fail to deliver.

  • Okay, I have my board in hand. If I plug it into a USB port (no other connections at present) and press the 'power' button the LED comes on and in a couple of seconds the computer shows a storage device that has a file named Test_Ogg_File.ogg on it. Cool.
    Based on the VLSI docs I believe that it will not play audio if the USB cable is connected. Correct?
    Do I need to put a jumper across JP1 to be in player mode vs disk drive mode?
    Once powered on briefly bringing POWBTN high starts it playing, briefly bringing POWBTN high again pauses it?
    Any of the signals tell you if it's playing or paused? Lacking that is there some sequence you can do to force it into a known state?

  • This sounds even simpler. Thanks!

  • Excellent! For proof of concept playing a single file would be okay but if I can command a specific file (1 of about 6) to be played I may be able to let real users play with it.

  • Can you interact with the board via the USB/SPI/UART? i.e.--is it possible to have multiple audio files loaded and send a command that says something like "play audio file #7"?

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