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  • I kinda succeed doing the control software on mine. The fact that i used stepper also reduced the amount of work in controlling each axis. There is plenty of good books on this subject, the one i really like is Introduction To Robotics 3rd edition John j. Craig.
    Im currently finishing my B.S. in E.E. and will probably continue studying in that field. There is tons of fun stuffs to do with anything animated with motor!!! :D
    Good luck on your project!

  • Ive heard of a project some guys did in college. A local shop gave them a old 5 axis fanuc arm that has no controller. Since the motors were brush dc it was fairly easy to start and stop at the commanded position. But thats the only thing they managed to do. The challenge is not in the hardware itself i think but more in the control software. The interresting part is the trajectory generation which takes mathematics/calculs to a whole fun level :) !
    Robotic is really a fascinating field!

  • Well, ive managed to do something not so crappy using steppers :)
    Its well known that if you want something closed-loop, servos are the way to go. Its not the fact that steppers cant be "closed-looped" but the main advantage for step motors, IMO, is the price. 5 gecko drives = less than 500$, while a brushless drive is usually in the +1000 range for a 250w output.

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