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  • incomingpage_data represents how much page data is sent to the bootloader at a time, which is the same size as the page size. This VB6 program, or my Python program, will send one page at a time, and won't send the next page until the current page has successfully been written.

  • Yes you can use the Xbee to transmit any form of serial data from a micro-controller wirelessly. They have USB to Xbee dongles that you can purchase, which would fit your hardware requirements nicely.
    I'm not sure if MATLAB can read directly from a com port or not, but in either case you will have to format the serial packet coming from the microcontroller in such a way that it is easy to decipher by MATLAB.

  • I have been having many problems trying to get this module to configure. I have the following setup:
    Computer -> Xbee ~~~~~~ Xbee -> MCU -> BTM-182 ~~~~~~ Computer
    I have been using the bluetooth on the computer to talk to the module, and If I run different commands such as: "+++" then "ATL3" followed by a CR and it returns OK or ERR every other time. If I send the same command again, while it is still in command mode, it could say ERR when just before it said OK. Everytime I send a command to ask for it to return things, "+++" then "ATI?" followed by a CR, it never returns things. I am able to connect to it from computer, and I am able to connect to it from the MCU. I have the MCU setup to echo anything it receives via xbee to bluetooth, and visa versa.
    Can you configure the bluetooth module through the bluetooth connection, or is that something you can only do via the direct Uart connection?
    Thanks for your help :-)
    Edit Found out what was wrong, which was multiple things:
    1. '+++' When I sent a '+++' from my usb xbee adapter, remote xbee would enter command mode. I tried to get around that by having arduino send the '+++', but it was echo'd back from bluetooth and all of the bluetooth responses were sent back via xbee, which put an xbee in command mode. Solution only echo back non + characters.
    2. Problem was that the bluetooth responses were looking garbled. The problem was that I was using a read_byte function who's timeout was configured to be too high. A 1 ms timeout is sufficient to capture the data at 19200 baud.
    Problems solved, glad I stocked up on these modules while they were in.

  • I ported Screamer V2.0 to work in Linux, and added support for the ATMEGA1280, with the bootloader included. Hope this helps all the Linux user's out there, with LScreamer, I can develop and download it all in Linux.
    Here's a link to my simple blog

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