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  • I have the ESP32 Thing and got it working in Arduino IDE. I can down load blink and other Sketches. When I wrote a Sketch for the WS2812B and use getCycleCount(void) for timing cycles it looks like the ESP32 is running at 160MHz instead of 240MHz that is in the default in the Espressif's esp-idf GitHub repository. I selected ESP32 DEV MODULE in Arduino IDE.

    Any suggestions on how to switch to the faster speed?

    My Sketch stops executing after about 45 seconds of running my application. Resetting start it back up for about 45 seconds. The problem looks like it is in the Arduino delayMicroseconds(100); which I call every 1ms. If I replace this with delay(1); or use _getCycleCount() spin delay I do not have a problem.

    When i am outputting the Neopixel BitBanger I lock interrupts during the high state to insure timing. I notice that the CPU looks like it stops executing every 1ms for about 8.5us. It does not matter if interrupts are locked or not. This is a show stopper for outputting to Neopixels. Could this have something to do with the second CPU servicing WIFI beacon (every 1ms) and locking I/O inhibiting my CPU from doing GPIOs?

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