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  • hemm... i'm sorry i'm not trying to spam.. got connection problems and it posted my message 4 times without my will.. and cannot even erase those messages for some reason!! whatever..

    the point is that ye, the serial monitor of the RAW sketch tells the same with any baud rate, the other patch, “MPU6050_DMP6” sketch, says:

    îàInitializing I2C devices... Testing device connections... MPU6050 connection successful

    Send any character to begin DMP programming and demo:

    and then stops the transmission. if anyone knows whats happening help would be well appreciated, i'll ask tech support anyway..

    thanx a lot!!!!


  • Hello Jeff, hello guys..

    i have a problem with the "MPU6050_DMP6" sketch from GitHub that Jeff has posted...and just with that.. (https://github.com/jrowberg/i2cdevlib/blob/master/Arduino/MPU6050/Examples/MPU6050_DMP6/MPU6050_DMP6.ino).

    I have an Arduino MEGA 2560 and i've followed all the instructions for wiring and all as well as looking at almost all the posts of this and Arduino's forum for, but haven't really found a solution:

    so basically, once finished uploading the sketch "MPU6050_DMP6, i see on the Arduino Mega the TX led going ON for about 1 second, and then stopping any transmission. On the Serial Monitor, instead, i see a short message like "Myÿ£eæÇô¸".

    The "RAW" example sketch works giving me some weird digit values on the Serial Monitor like: $°°gŵ 40ű°Åµ0¥∞ű°§40ű°•Ì §%Å°°Åµ†4%°1$.....and goes on forever

    the "I2CScanner.pde" sketch from Tod E. Kurt (http://todbot.com/blog/) something like: òö(åà÷sa÷sà÷sL»÷sLà÷sà÷s(à÷sL»÷sLà÷såà÷s....

    while instead the example sketch from Krodal (http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/MPU-6050?action=sourceblock&num=1) is actually working perfectly:

    Inyro, error = 0 accel x,y,z: 304, -532, 17572 temperature: 30.153 degrees Celsius gyro x,y,z : -169, -49, 204, l, temp and gyro, error = 0 accel x,y,z: 304, -532, 17572 temperature: 30.153 degrees Celsius gyro x,y,z : -169, -49, 204, InvenSense MPU-6050 June 2012 WHO_AM_I : 68, error = 0 PWR_MGMT_1 : 0, error = 0

    and on and on with correct the data readings.....

    as well as working are all the patches from this page of the forum: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?PHPSESSID=khqj3vmde300r2lokg3aakuh37&topic=103408.15

    I'm sorry but i really cannot figure out what is the problem, i've tried to #include the "Wire.h",

    define whatever MPU6050_ACCEL_XOUT_H 0x3B and so on, but the Main patch gives me always

    those unreadable values on the Serial Monitor..

    Do you maybe have a clue on what is wrong?

    thanx a lot!


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