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  • Second one sort of works but the display is very faint even after adjusting the control for best display and ensuring I had a good supply voltage and current . Also this one has "splodges" on the screen that are always there so long as back light is on.

    Who had the stupid idea of chopping off the mount holes on the top edge ? I wanted to mount this in the lid of a panel but cant really do much without a full hole.

    Can send pics of the splodges. Also despite placing cursor commands just in front of the text I want to display this thing puts it in random places (pictures also available)

    I emailed support already on the original issues.

    Really wishing I had bought something else. I could have had larger and colour from china for less than this piece of junk. Saying that with good cause cos I will have to go through Canada Robotix RMA scheme which is designed to put you off returning things and could test anyone's patience. This display has cost me about 8 hours in time dealing with RMA and about $50 in gas. Not to mention stress.

    Maybe I need to do a you tube video on how to destroy sparkfun products.

    Sorry but had to vent.

    UPDATE Forgot to mention this is a version 1.0. Printed on the back and does not have the sticker most of these have...noticed people mention newer versions and I only just bought this so is it possible I got "very old" stock ?

  • Why are the mounts on the top edge cut off ? How to securely mount without them ?? Sending mine back to supplier as I need to make sure I can mount it without doing some "redneck" stuff to it.

  • On my second one of these with no luck hooking up to any f the 4 Arduinos available to me.

    Have 5v and Gnd from the Arduino and the RX pin on the display connected to the TX on the Arduino as suggested.

    Libraries are in place as the demo programs etc. all compile without error. My serial 16 x 2 displays, Parallel displays and TFT displays all work fine.

    What am I missing ?

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