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Tinkering, Making things better, Halo 3, Inking, Coloring, Researching, Music (Listening, writing and playing), Woodwork, Track and Field, Soccer, Learning, Crochet, Comics, Personal Electronics, Power/Strength Training, Reading, How Super Powers work:)


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  • News - New Product Friday: Demo … | about a year ago

    Hey Robert, do you mind sharing where you sourced the pulse sensor from?

  • Product CLS-10992 | about 2 years ago

    I’m in southern California and would sign up in a hot second for a teleclass. I look forward to visiting Sparkfun, but an option like that would be wonderful.

  • Tutorial - Lessons from Rebuilding Illumitune | about 3 years ago

    Hey Nate, this is an awesome walk through. Can you recommend clear example code/wiring diagrams for a beginner (that would be me) to get the Musical Instrument Shield up and running?
    The Friday Product Post from April 8th 2011 was an great example of the direction I’d like to go. But there seem to be a few more steps when programing with this shield when compared to the simple projects I’ve created with just my duemilanove.
    I’m jumping in using the example code on the product page as well as parsing the code you have shared from this cool project:) Any additional help is very much appreciated.

  • News - Have a Cool Project? | about 4 years ago

    Outstanding idea!! The flow and audio of the tutorial are great. The visuals are demonstrative, clear, and concise. I think this is a solid video style to build on.
    I know there has to be a balance between information and simplicity for these tutorials, but I tend to lean towards “the more info the better”:) That said, I’d suggest slipping in a little more info when appropriate (like anode and cathode for the LED in addition to the info on polarized) so beginners like myself can learn proper terminology. If there are other skills required to complete the project (i.e. soldering, hacking simon board), you could include links to other tutorials you think do a great job of demonstrating those skills (should you choose not to make a tutorial yourself).
    Will the video tutorials be limited to kits, or will individual components get the same treatment? (fingers crossed:)
    A few tutorials I’d love to see… (combined with Arduino platform)
    Xbee + XBee Explorer Regulated
    ID-12 RFID (with breakout board)
    Force Sensors
    Flex Sensors

  • News - The Holy Grail of New Pro… | about 5 years ago

    Can you name the song/artist that plays when the trackballer lights up? It was also at the end of the pogo bed video:) Very groovy.

  • Product SEN-08709 | about 5 years ago

    The datasheet list a read range of up to 25cm using an external antenna, but I haven’t been able to locate one on Sparkfun. (I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for to be honest, so I’m off to search a series of tubes:) Does Sparkfun sell an external antenna compatible with the ID-1?

  • News - Launch! | about 5 years ago

    YES. The toggle switch/safety cover is now my preferred method of On and Off. Well, the toggle or the giant red button:)

  • Product CLS-09272 | about 5 years ago

    This is why I love Sparkfun:) I have searched high and low for this type of complete workshop, and thanks to you folks at Sparkfun it finally exist. Living in southern California has its perks, but being so far away from Boulder and your classes definitely ticks a box in the “against” column. I’m not yet able to fly out to Colorado every monday:) but Sparkfun Summer School is definitely going on my Attend in the Future List.
    I’m not sure in teleconferencing is a viable option for what you have set up, but is there a possibility of recording audio/video of the classes and packaging/selling the workshop as a media product? (Download, physical media, iTunesU, etc.)

  • News - Problems with Intellectua… | about 5 years ago

    These are some of principles I’ve been learning for the past year. Breaking the old Gollum mindset was tough at first but places like Sparkfun, NYC Resistors, and Instructables have helped me gain a different perspective.
    I think ThunderHammer and Urix’s make excellent points. My experiences these past couple of months have taught me there’s a massive difference between coming up with an idea, and actually bringing it into the physical world. Combing that type of effort with your unique talents, outlook, and skills can often place you a couple of steps ahead of the “competition.”

  • News - Snazzy Profiles, Fortune … | about 5 years ago

    You guys just keep makin' this place better and better. Filling out a profile is now on my list of things to do. And congratulations on the article:) Ent Connect looks like it’s going to be a ball (optional go-cart racing & indoor skydiving!). I’m in California so I wont be attending but it inspires me to check around my area and see if there’s anything comparable.

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