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  • If it's only the Uno that is holding things up, could you sub in the retail packaged version (60+ in stock this morning)? I'd gladly pay the extra buck to make sure I get this in time for Christmas.

  • I can't imagine that any hardware connected to the audio input/output on a phone would be able to sample above 44 KS/s either. But maybe they use a general purpose DSP for everything.
    I'll wait for the 100MS/s version.

  • Almost forgot, it's nice to be able to browse the site again. Yesterday and today were way too frustrating for those of us who normally hang out on the site all throughout the day.

  • Great job, Sparkfun. I didn't get my order through, but I enjoyed the spectacle. I'll order some more parts soon, although maybe not quite as many as I would have with the $100 incentive. Sorry that some people are reacting so poorly, I guess they had unrealistic expectations of what the morning would be like. As long as you continue to shine with your quality products, information, and service, I'll keep being a happy customer with or without fun diversions like this. Happy Birthday!

  • Got it. Thanks. I must have zoomed in on the main chip and never looked at the whole thing again. Noob mistake, sorry.

  • That was my first thought as well. It seems like you really need a challenge / authentication code, which would make it much harder for somebody to clone. A rolling one-way code with some kind of cryptographic authentication would be a good start, but you would have to do more rcvr-side work to keep somebody from recording your working code and replaying it later.
    The Toyota keyless entry system that my Camry Hybrid has is the coolest improvement to cars since air conditioning. It unlocks when you touch the door handle (with FOB in pocket). I keep on walking up to other types of doors and wondering why they don't unlock for me.
    Anyway, nice job on the iFOB, I'll probably try to make my own a few projects from now.

  • Just curious... why didn't you include the power supply decoupling caps recommended on page 9 of the datasheet?

  • Good point. The datasheet for the gyro itself says its 7x7x1.5 mm, and that pretty well matches the scale in the picture on its page. In this picture it looks like its 20 mm. The breakout board must be only about 17 mm / 2/3".

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