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  • Actually your response solves my problem, I need all keys erased, applications erased not just the box opened.

  • Hi Josh, i can spot an example for this, am planning using it in an anti-tamper POS device environment and looking at a situation where the POS device is screwed opened, it should indicate TAMPER alert, something like that.

  • Thanks jbdatko, you are right, EMV UN is a 32bit numbers, i don’t want to use linux’s /dev/(u)random interfaces for the RNG, so like you suggest i prefer the one in the crypto chips of the cryptoCape since i can also handle secure boot from there, secure boot process is close to EMV UN generation process. I might need your assistance during the implementation, i haven’t gotten the cryptoCape yet.

  • I see this as a good board for me to implement UN (unpredictable Number) in the EMV kernel application for EMV chip cards am currently working on on BBB, does anybody here also have an hints...

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