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  • If you want reasonable time keeping I’ve had much better luck with a DS3231. The only downside is they are about twice the price of a DS1307.

  • ajcrm125: I think those are Google Chrome users. I know that some hosts mistake Safari for Chrome.
    I think the chances of google analytics incorrectly identifying google chrome are pretty slim.

  • Having used this a few times and only have a couple of issues.
    Putting the grey and black wires at the edge of the connector can be confusing as both could be gnd colours. Not exactly a major issue but I find it’s another thing I have to be aware of.
    The software requiring .net 3.5. The only computer I have that can run the software is my desktop. A shame considering how portable the hardware is. I’d love to be able to use it with my linux running eeepc. Then I could take it to my projects instead of dragging my projects to my desktop.
    Other than that it is a great product. The hardware is really nice and well put together. The software also works well and is easy to use.

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