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  • Can this be charged with powercell lipo charger?

  • Not happy with the product.

    Already broke 3 of these units in 2 days.

    1) The micro usb basically falls off just by looking at it. The reason is that its not a through usb that solders on the bottom of the USB, but is basically kept on by 2 tiny solder drops on the top. Cant get back to working order

    2) the battery connector jams right in and the only way to get it out is to break the housing. (Solution is to shave off the groves on the battery connector)

    3) en grnd vcc holes are not correctly situated if you are to believe the manual and you are trying to use an SPDT switch. The EN port should be between vcc and ground. Otherwise you have to break off one of the stems and solder mid connector to en and one of the side connectors to ground.

    Maybe I am wrong about part 3 buy I never got a response so this is my presumption.

    All in all if you are buying this, make sure you are VERY gently the USB port

  • Anyone know how to get the JST connector out?

  • Could some one post a picture or explain to me how exactly to wire an SPDT switch. What goers where?


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