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  • How does this differ from (retired) SEN-08656?

  • Agreed. Maybe they lowered their price for the module and haven't yet done so for the BOB + module.
    Doesn't make sense otherwise.
    There aren't any additional smoothing caps, resistors, or trace antenna.
    $12 for a 2mm to 0.1", single sided, under 1 sq inch BOB without headers doesn't sound like typical SparkFun pricing.

  • Great implementation. Are there plans to rev this board with the Atmega328? How about a minimalist 128 implementation? I know I couldn't hold you to them, but timelines? Thanks!

  • Be advised these are the low quality type of alligator clips where the teeth don't meet evenly. They work fine for large terminals, but small diameter, high-gauge wire will slip right through them.

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