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  • I am working on a device that has a base and inside has a part that rotates. the part is small and therefore can be placed/moved in any direction. Inside the base, I have a part that moves laterally with respect to the base. I want to know the position of the moving part, with respect to the base. The simpler solution is to put physical limit switches for me to know when the part is in certain locations but I want to know the location at all times.

    Will putting two of these modules (one on the base and the other on the moving part), and using all 9 readings, work in determining the lateral location of the moving part?

    for example, if the part is at a 30 degree angle from the base, and the base is flat on the surface, I will get the 30 degree reading. But I want to get the same 30 degree reading if the whole part is at a different pitch and yaw. I think this should be possible, I just want to ask before I go ahead and buy two of these

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