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  • I recently purchased one of your RedBot Kits, the following lists what was to be included and the quantity I received.

    1x RedBot Mainboard 1 - recieved 1x Magician Chassis 1 - set (upper and lower) 1x Accelerometer RedBot Sensor 1 - received 3x Line Follower RedBot Sensor 3 - received 10x F/F 6" Jumper Wire 10 - received 4x Sticky Tab 4 - received 2x 4-40 ¼" Phillips Screw (10 Pack) 2 (10 pack) - received 4x 4-40 1-¼" Flat Head Screw 4 - received 4x 4-40 Hex Nut 4 - received
    3x 4-40 1-½" Aluminum Hex Standoff 3 - received 4x 4-40 3/8" Metal Standoff 4 - received 6x 4-40 1" Metal Standoff 6 - received

    So everything is fine, or is it? Absolutely not!

    Now for the instructions for installation of the Line Followers (which is part of this kit). There is no hardware to do the installation. As per your assembly instructions we are to use the following parts, which by the way are shown in you on-line store description of the kit, which you should provide to me.

    3x 4-40 1" Phillips Screw 3x 4-40 ¼" Phillips Screw 6x 4-40 Nylon Standoffs

    Without these parts the line followers (which you advertise as part of the kit) can not be added.

    Now, on to the battery holder. None of these parts were included, which are need as per your instructions to attach holder to the chassis piece.

    2x M3*10 Flathead Screw 2x M3 Nuts

    I expect you to provide me with these also. Again these are shown in your on-line catalog ad for the kit.

    This is extremely disappointing to me because I had heard only good comments about SparkFun, apparently these comments were incorrect.

    So, the bottom line, how do we resolve this issue?

    I have also ordered, but not yet received the kits for the following items. I sincerely hope that the appropriate installation hardware is included.

    ROB-12567 RedBot Buzzer 1 $5.95 SEN-11999 RedBot Sensor - Mechanical Bumper 1 $4.95 SEN-12617 RedBot Sensor - Wheel Encoder 1 $9.95

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