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  • Can the spreadsheet of raw scores be posted somewhere so we can see how the scores were made up? i.e. how fast does an entry have to be to be competitive?

  • yep, at age 5, the half life of my toys at x-mass was ~ 2 days. wheels in one bin, transmissions in another , motors in a third. lights in another ..... Within a week new cooler toys were taking shape. the dis-assembly of new stuff drove my dad nuts. He got wise quick and going forward most toys were kits, models, mechano... discovery stuff. .

  • Will a tender boat or jet-ski be provided for retrieving aircraft?

  • Perhaps consider abandoning the concrete filled buckets or place them inside an impact absorbing cardboard box because hitting those posts at speed could easily end the day for a team. They are equivalent to hitting small cement blocks.

  • How about making the course more vision processing friendly. The small pots at the bottoms of the posts were painted the same color as the barrels and looked like barrels that were far away. Our vision system was tracking a bunch of them. It was unexpected and thus computationally harsh to be tracking that many targets at once. Can the post holders be a different color than the barrels in 2013? It will make it easier for a team to do vision without forcing them to resort to GPU processing.
    Frank 0x27

  • Perhaps allow an "interfered with" bot to run again in a later heat or extra heat for this purpose. The gate should possibly be not movable. i.e. make the gate pylons short and lightweight so they fold down (and spring back) if you hit them minimizing damage potential. Glue each springy pylon assy to the parking lot for the day.

  • Random concrete barrel... about as much fun as racing cars in opposite directions around the building at the same time. We only hit the barrels on first run because we were late in getting ready and characterizing the course. We avoided them thereafter. The damage potential is significant even with unfilled barrels as the speeds go up. What would be nice is Cardboard boxes for the corners to protect the crowd as well as allowing for another run for the day if guidance goes haywire.

    Frank 0x27

  • 1000 feet/27sec x 3600 sec/hr / 5280 feet/mile = 25.25 mph

    Slowed a bit in the short duration corners so say 27 mph peaks in the straights before braking.

    Frank 0x27

  • Making them weighted and thus likely to prematurely end the day with destruction on a first run for a rookie is unecessary harshness. Less experienced competitors deserve as many runs as they can do to give them a good time and keep them coming back.

    If you want to penalize the "inelegance" of hitting a barrel, just add 5 sec for each barrel knocked over. But a twist would be to elliminate the penalty and give a 1? sec per barrel bonus only if you hit and knock over all 4. That would require the "elegance" of a vision or like detection and targeting system and hitting them all would likely be harder to accomplish than avoiding them all.

    It would also make for better TV. Hmmm.. then perhaps not such a good idea for the Sparkfun officials to wear barrel colored shirts........

  • On the barrels, perhaps a small penalty for knocking them over would be better than filling with water as a solid hit on one with water in it could mean the end of the day for a competitor. A twist could be to waive the penalties if you hit all 4.

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