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  • Wow! Thanks for such a detailed and useful reply! It's very kind of you and I really do appreciate it.

    If I can ask one more question, I sort of had an idea that because, as it says in the description:

    "The Sound Detector not only provides an audio output, but also a binary indication of the presence of sound, and an analog representation of its amplitude."

    I might be able to use it to essentially take a reading of the buzzer's sound, which I could then use in some code on an Arduino (or similar) to prevent false positives. So in other words, the Sound Detector would send a constant stream of sound info to the Arduino, which would then look at the waveform (or whatever it's getting) and ring the bell when it spotted a matching signal to the one I had recorded originally. Is such a thing even possible with this product?

    I might be in way over my head here. If you think what I'm suggesting would require advanced skills - which I don't possess (YET) - feel free to tell me, and I'll go the more straightforward route.

    Thanks again for your excellent help!


  • I want to build a device to extend the range of my apartment's door buzzer so that we know we're being buzzed when in the backyard.

    I was thinking of something that would mount on the wall next to the intercom/buzzer box in my apartment, listen for the specific tone that it makes, and then send a signal to a bell or buzzer that would live in the backyard (I think it would be super cool to make this an actual bell that rings, but I'll take what I can get). Obviously I only want the outdoor bell to ring when the buzzer rings.

    Do you think this product would work for my application? Any thoughts on what else I'd need? Or if this is the wrong place to ask such questions, any suggestions where I should go? I'm a complete beginner at this stuff, so I would really appreciate good advice.

    I'm very grateful for any help!

    NOTE: just to save time, please know I am aware of wireless doorbell extenders and the like, but they won't work for my application. I can't touch the wiring of my intercom system, AT ALL.

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