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  • Local Allied Electronics Stores, Knight, Heathkit, Burstein-Applebee and US General catalogs. A Zenith TV that would anchor the Nimitz but lasted until tubes were no longer available. I owe a good portion of my current career to the Heathkit AC/DC, Analog and Digital courses. It's quite refreshing to see SparkFun, Adafruit and all the other net shops out there keeping the spirit alive.

    The major advantage today is you're not likely to get a lethal shock off your creation. This was from the era when "real" boys and girls were playing around with 250-800V B circuits and had to worry about pulling 30kV off the flyback.

  • I wants one of them there Gukki ostentious goofball bags, all praise gukki...

  • Why electricians like fiberglass ladders. US conventions. Don't touch the light fixture, it's grounded. Unwind the wire nut on the Black Wire (single phase) or alternately Brown or Red wire to disconnect power, remove ballast wire, take a smaller wire nut and wind it on tight to the exposed power wire and the fixture is effectively shut off. Proceed to rewire.

  • We did this about 5 years ago.
    For more savings, all T-12 four tube fixtures were converted to three tube ballasts running three 32watt F32T8-850 lamps. These are 5000k daylight white with a Color Rendering Index of H 85%.
    The T8 lamps are more efficient, and with better color than standard shop cool white T12 tubes, you are able to get the same light output with one less lamp.
    from 50 fixtures x 4 = 200 tubes
    to 50 fixtures x 3 = 150 tubes
    50 x 1.85 = $92.50
    50 x 32 = 1600 watts
    And the latest thing is T5-HO

  • Sun Microsystems just posted (nov 6 after closing) their financial quarter losses. Their revenue dropped 25% and the delays in the Oracle thing is the equivalent of throwing a man overboard an iron life buoy.
    SPARC server sales are down by about 40%. IBM's mainframe heavy iron sales didn't even drop this much.
    SPARC International's little intellectual property licensing universe is probably rocking on its foundations at the moment, thus the lashing out at anything that might bring them in additional revenue.

  • As a signoff, in case SPARC International can prevail since they claim that they've registered SPARK in their list of trademarks, I suggest we rename for something kind of poetic and encompassing two beautiful times of day:
    Sunset Electronics, Preparing for the New Dawn.
    Kind of an Out with the Old, In with the New kind of statement ;^)

  • Kind of hilarious side note. When I Google search "sparc international", the second result is:
    Sun's Venerable SPARC? Trademark Site Infected!
    www.sparcproductdirectory.com/si-1.html - Cached - Similar -
    It happened back in July and made sparcproductdirectory.com feel that they had to remove all links to protect their users...

  • Where this prurient pile originates from. See their blog where they give notice:

  • As noticed on www.sparco.com, who've probably had to deal with this, or are soon to deal with this, is the following disclaimer.
    Copyright ?1999-2009 Unistar-Sparco Computers, Inc. All rights reserved. Unistar-Sparco Computers, Inc. is not affiliated with SPARC International, Inc.

  • SPARC International seems to be awake on Saturday. They got their website infection cleaned up. Mine some contact information for this person.
    Morgan Slain
    SPARC International
    Per their brochure http://www.sparc.org/download/brochure.pdf

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